Design A Fragrance Workshop 25th of April ,Kildare Town, 11am


Candella offers a 3 hour Signature Scents Workshop in the art of scent.

At the end of each workshop, guests will take home their unique custom blended perfume, tailored to their personality and style. Each participant at the end of their scent journey will be able to recognise perfume families in her/his favourite perfume, be more aware about the importance of all the senses especially the sense of smell and its impact on our lives. Improving our sense of smell not only allows us to get more out of your perfumes, but by sharpening that sense – which is linked with our ability to taste – we get deeper pleasure out of life itself. Each guest will learn a ‘nose workout’ which after just a few weeks should hugely improve your sense of smell, and allow you to experience the fragrances you wear in a new and exciting way.