VIP presentation at Kildare Village

VIP presentation at Kildare Village

Hi all,

In today's blog we would like to share a few words about our latest event at Kildare Village where we were talking about perfumes and fragrances to a VIP audience from Qatar, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates. This was a privilege to us and we would love to thank Kildare Village for the invitation and for the warm welcome.
In our busy world, we don't often have time to stop and smell the roses. I believe in the importance of all the senses especially the sense of smell and it's impact on our lives.I also believe that fragrances, scents enhance people's lives and their wellbeing.

Our presentation included discussion about different scents and accords, the essence of the perfume formulation.

It was a really great time for us and we enjoyed it very much. Our audience seemed very interested and got engaged in the discussion. We were able to learn about their own culture and different approach to fragrances. It is interesting how in different parts of the world unlike fashion, fragrance disregards age, colour and impacts our daily lives. Perfume has been with us since the very early days in human history and it has inspired us, touched us and transformed us. I absolutely love working and experimenting with fragrances and can't express enough how this work awakens my creative side.

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